Supported Charities

Good Cause Greetings is proud to support a continually expanding number of charities doing good throughout the world. The range of causes these nonprofit organizations serve is broad, but all Good Cause Greetings' supported charities are efficient, effective and well respected in their fields.

Sending a Good Cause Greetings card helps to promote awareness of the charity and its purpose, as the logo and mission statement of the supported nonprofit is displayed prominently on the back of every card.The missions of the charities that benefit from Good Cause Greetings' card sales includes humanatarian aid, environmental preservation and the welfare of animals.

Charities Supported by Good Cause Greetings

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Health | more info...            
Feeding America Holiday Cards
formerly, America's Second Harvest
  Breast Cancer Holiday Cards   Health Right International Holiday Cards   Global Health Council Holiday Cards
MRAA Holiday Cards   National Foundation For Cancer Research Holiday Cards   Youth Aids Holiday Cards  
Trio Holiday Cards

Children | more info...            
CWLA Holiday Cards   Starlight Holiday Cards   Free The Children Holiday Cards   PCAA Holiday Cards
International Child Art Foundation Holiday Cards   Youth Aids Holiday Cards  
Brightside Holiday Cards
  Our military kids
    St Louis Childrens Hospital  
National Childrens Oral Health

Education | more info...            
Proliteracy Worldwide Holiday Cards   Free The Children Holiday Cards        

Animals and the Environment | more info...        

Human Rights | more info...         
  Health Right International Holiday Cards        

Hunger and Homelessness | more info...        
Feeding America Holiday Cards
formerly, America's Second Harvest

How it Works:

Buy a charity holiday card from Good Cause Greetings. We send ten percent of Gross Sales, NOT profits, to the charity supported by the particular card.  If you're passionate about a specific cause, we're sure to have a design in the collection that's perfect for you. Each charity's collection features designs for corporate as well as personal use.

How are Charities Selected?

Top ranking for Management and Operations: Each charity supported by Good Cause Greetings has received a positive ranking by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance ( The goal in charity selection is to make sure that we work with well-run organizations that spend the largest majority of their budget on programs to fulfill their mission, rather than on fundraising or administration costs.

National or International Reach: Because Good Cause Greetings' customers are from throughout North America, and often have offices world-wide, we look for nonprofit organizations with an international, or at the least, national, scope to their work.

Assortment of Good Causes: We are passionate about supporting good causes in a wide array of genres. Feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, providing education, preventing and treating diseases, improving and protecting the environment and promoting the welfare of children and their families are all causes close to our hearts.

Size Isn't Everything: Charities supported by Good Cause Greetings' cards may not necessarily be the largest or most well-known in their field. They are, however, extremely successful at and well-respected for the missions they carry out.

Generous Donations Add Up
Good Cause Greetings is proud to have donated well over a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000!) to the charities supported by our cards. The amounts vary each year and depend on the total number of cards in each collection in support of a particular nonprofit organization as well as the popularity of individual designs. We never know what the hot designs of the year will be among Good Cause Greetings' customers. Our goal is to reach $1 million dollars in unrestricted donations within the next five years. You can help. Tell your friends and business associates about Good Cause Greetings and the charities we support.