Personal Cards

10% donated to charityContemporary Designs for friends & family!  All cards made with recycled paper

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BCF1322 Poinsettia Tree FA1324 Joy and Peace SCF1324 Starshine YA1317 Pine Bough
PLW1321 Thriller GH1321 Holiday Joy HI1328 Birds and Ornaments OMK1313 Holly Wreath NAEH1337 Whimsical Town
GH1322 Delightful Dove ED1331 Collage of Blue BCF1321 Peace Parade HI1329 Candles GH1322 Delightful Dove
NFCR1112 Evergreen of Peace ADT1312 Red Bird YA1114 Patchwork Trees OMK1107 Star Swish HI1126 Contemporary Peace
BCF1117 Sparkling Holiday AI1139 Contemporary Candles ADT1109 Lots of Dots Tree FTC1118 Joie de Vivre AI0828 As the World Turns
GH1016 Peace NFCR1011 Contemporary City HI1025 Around the World NFCR1010 dove collage SCf1022 contemporary star
BCF0911 Snowy Branches ADT0902 Contemporary Dove ADT0903 Peace on Earth ADT0904 Celebrate ADT0905 World of Harmony
ADT1008 Candles of Peace FA1018 Medallions BCF1015 Leaping Stag BCF 1014 The Flock FTC1016 joyful dance
NFCR0908 Swirls and Stars HI0920 Earth City NAEH0930 Homes on Hill PLW0916 flight of fantasy BCF0601 Holiday Stars
BCF0601 Holiday Stars PCAA0830 Spiral Ribbon Tree GH0812 OUr Precious Earth NAEH0828 Snowed-In City SCF0818 Hooked on Stars
BCF0601 Holiday Stars BCF0601 Holiday Stars ASH0813 BCF0603 Tree of Blue BCF0601 Holiday Stars
BCF0601 Holiday Stars BCF0601 Holiday Stars BCF0601 Holiday Stars BCF0601 Holiday Stars DOW0613 Candle of Peace
SCF0614 Stars on Red Snowflakes DOW0614 Three Globes MRAA0303 Contemporary Trees NFCR0703 Four-Tree Collage
MRAA0201 Tree of Life ED0007 Solitary Man SCF0512 Trailing Stars DOW0206 A Peaceful Planet
AI0618 Holiday Symbols BCF0602  Holiday Collage GH0607 Worldly Delight